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Cleaning Is Good For The Soul

Wow sorry WackyWonders! Didn’t mean to go a whole week without saying anything. Taught my faerie class at ways to Wellness last night and it went swimmingly. I have really been taking time to declutter my apartment and to declutter me. So what do I […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 5 – Back in the Saddle

We all do it. We swear we are going to meditate everyday, exercise, fill in the blank. Then we don’t. Or we half assed do but something else distracts us from our intents and self-promises. So we berate ourselves and … Sounding familiar? When we […]

When in Doubt…

Some times people are mean. Some times their choices leave you scratching your head. It can be tough. You may want to be rude right back or question their choices. And it sucks like a Hoover (Dyson?). I totally was there. I thought about what […]

Align Your Energy

So this weekend, I had all sorts of thoughts. Do this, do that. Go here. Instead I was with family. I spent time being. It was glorious. I meditated and pulled cards for myself and some lovely others. Last night when the storms went, I […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips #4 – Present, Please

Yep, this is my televangelist style plea for you to send me stuff … NOT! Ha. What do you think when you think present, as in now? Do you speak your heart’s desire in the present? Do you live in the present? Or do you […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 3 – Put Your Mind Where Your Heart Is

Say huh? Is this about love? No, not necessarily. My tip for you today is to find out ‘where your heart is’. I’m not talking about anatomy, nor am I referring to chakras. I’m asking and suggesting that you take some good, crunchy brain time […]

Reading a reader

Even readers get readings! Last evening I read the reading my friend Allie did. Wow. I was so inspired I wrote almost 400 words in a shot about angelic communication!! I am very excited to keep channeling this and to bring it into being for […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 2 – Energy Attracts Energy

So, we talked about choosing your mood. How you have power over your mood if you don’t always have power over the situation (soul lesson) you are in (Except we kinda chose those..I digress. *grin*). Today we are going to discuss energy attracts energy. The […]

What Is Your Happy?

I posted on my Facebook page, Holly, the WackyRedhead that one should try to find something happy each day. No matter how the day goes, there must be something…So, what is your happy?

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 1 – Choose Your Mood

We all hear the sayings about how our mood determines our day, victory, etc.  But, when you’re going through a lot, it can be hard to hear.  You may want to say oh hush up!  It’s understandable.  Even when you have a lot going on […]