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Roll With It

So sometimes you just have to roll with the energy and day you are in. I got ‘chores’ done and I sent off my mentorship notes (plug-a-roonie time: Yes, I mentor others, message me for more details). I had a major healing yesterday. The Reiki […]

Show Twelve: Love You, Let Go

In this podcast, Holly, the WackyRedhead was going to discuss Tarot and Oracle Cards, when a message came through about loving oneself and letting go, she finishes with the intro to Tarot and Oracle Cards, and Runes.

Show Eleven: Means of Divination

Join Holly, the WackyRedhead as she discusses different means of divination, or getting answers from Spirit. From Oracle Cards and Tarot to Numerology Holly gives you information on these systems and how they can help.

Say yes to you!

Some days you have to trust your gut. I knew I needed to stop by my local favorite store Ways to Wellness. I wanted to see if Mike had created my essential oil rollerball yet. He had not, but did so while I waited. I […]

Monday Musings

Honor the Source/Spirit in yourself and it will be far easier to honor the Source/Spirit in others. There is a difference between judging/labeling folks and realizing they no longer ought to be in your energy tree fort. One is limiting the other frees us. In […]

Catching up

So this past summer I have done a lot of interior redecorating of myself. I’ve been dealing, healing, letting go. I’ve come to embrace who I am at this very moment. Powerful stuff to allow yourself to love you as you are. Doesn’t mean turning […]

Figuring It All Out

Sometimes you have to let it all go to figure out what you most want to hold onto. That was the snippet I put on my Holly the WackyRedhead page. This past week or so a lot has been thrown my way. I have been […]


Remember that you shine. If you see your shine then blast that shine out as far as you can. Sometimes others won’t see it. But your shine isn’t about them. Illuminate and do you. This was from my Holly, the WackyRedhead page on Facebook.

Catching up…honoring your spirit

So, I’ve been doing a lot of being and chilling this summer. I’ve read some really incredible books “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, “Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte, and a book on “Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga” by Sally […]

Monday Message

As I put on my non-business (Facebook)?page: Meditation via mala beads and mantras oh how I’ve missed you!! Yep. This is my Monday message muggles and magicians: meditate. Shut yo brain up. Pray if that’s how you roll. Make music. That works too. Run. But […]