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Business Vision Board and an Update

So I am so geeked out!  The other night, on the New Moon no less, I got inspired.  I thought of a really cool business vision board I could do.  If you are not already signed up to view my Weekly Newsletters, do sign up […]

Love Is An Action Verb

Lately it seems we hear the phrase ‘love wins’ as a reaction to events quite a bit. It can give one pause. Is the consciousness really shifting or is that concept a pile of shift? 😉 The answer is a bit more nuanced than a […]

You Are Made of the Stuff of Stars

So, yesterday, in my channeled Angelic message (which, if you’re not signed up, you really ought to), the Angels said we were the stuff of stars. That we are each meant to shine in our own way, that is how we are most beautiful. What […]

Be Still

Stillness. Being. Things that are so valuable. We don’t often take the time to be still. Maybe we feel like we do not have the time. What can being still do for us? What things have I been doing? This summer has been so good […]

Ready For Change

So yesterday, on my Facebook page, I had this picture with text.  All about being ready for change.  I spoke of how being back in Virginia, where I went to high school and college, made me feel the need.  I said I didn’t know how […]

How to Know Angels Are Near

So, we often hear about ‘pennies from heaven’, the thought that a crossed-over loved one is sending us a message. But how do we know that Angels are near? From frequently occurring and repeating numbers to feathers, the Angels are letting us know they are […]


Cross post from my Facebook page, Holly the WackyRedhead:   Danielle LaPorte, author of “The Desire Map” has a hash tag about ‘the summer of immense gratitude’. Me likey. This summer I’ve grown, loved, released, allowed. I have had shenanigans with some of my dearest […]

This Thing IS Still On

So, I’ve been bad about cross posting here. I have been more active on my Facebook page, Holly, the WackyRedhead. There are lots of cool life things happening in my world, so I’ve not been active here or as much as I’d like on FB. […]

Show Thirteen: Soul Lessons

In this show Holly, the WackyRedhead discusses fate vs soul lessons. Holly discusses the idea of karmic ties, how to deal with past and future karma, and delves deeper into why framing as soul lessons helps to teach us and heal.

Mindful and Grateful

It’s early Wednesday morning. I am waking to the day. Tomorrow, for those of us in the United States, is Thanksgiving Day. It is a day to be grateful for what we have. I know many share this sentiment: “why one day?” Yes we all […]