Discover Your Wings and Fly!


You can now order readings from me online! Once you order from me, I will contact you via e-mail to arrange your reading. I can do your reading over the phone, via e-mail, or Skype. Your choice. As stated on my home page I am a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER(TM) through Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s course.

Please make sure you leave your contact information in the comments of the Paypal order. Within one day of ordering you will receive an email or text with my availability to deliver your readings. They are not done same day. You will receive your reading within one week of ordering barring an emergency on my or your end.

The One Question Detailed Reading (email recommended) $20.00 USD
For the “I just gotta know” question you have, this is the reading for you. Please limit to one topic/item (i.e. do you see me moving in the next year, what job should I take)

The Fifteen Minute Reading (phone or e-mail) $30.00 USD
This is great for a little more depth than the one question. We can generally cover the main topics (love, career, finances, health, or spiritual development) at a top level view. Cover one topic for more depth.

Three Little Things 30.00 USD
This message will tell you the three most important steps at this time you can take to move in the direction of your soul purpose.

The State of the YOU-nion (e-mail strongly recommended) $40.00 USD

This is a reading that matches an energetic reading of your chakras with a corresponding Archangel who will help you with that chakra.  I also give you a set of mantras to say for the individual work your chakras need.  I combine my experience as an energy healer in the Usui and Angelic Reiki traditions with my abilities to channel the Angels for you to create this reading.

The Thirty Minute Reading (phone or e-mail) $50.00 USD
This is a perfect reading for in depth looks at the top questions you have such as career, love, finances, or health. As well, this is recommended for those wanting to get direction on developing their own intuition.   Get insight into your personal gifts, and how to work with them.  I can intuitively recommend books and/or oracle cards that will assist you on your own spiritual journey.