Discover Your Wings and Fly!


You can now order readings from me online! Once you order from me, I will contact you via e-mail to arrange your reading. I can do your reading over the phone, via e-mail, or Skype. Your choice.

Please make sure you leave your contact information in the comments of the Paypal order. Within one day of ordering you will receive an email or text with my availability to deliver your readings. They are not done same day. You will receive your reading within one week of ordering barring an emergency on my or your end.

Note: If you have ordered readings from me before, I have changed the format.  I no longer do general love/health/money readings.  I have been guided by the Angels that I am to help folks with learning about their life lessons and gifts. I thank you for trusting me to help you in becoming the best YOU that YOU can be!


Three Lessons or Three Gifts (Brief) 40.00 USD  – 15 minutes

Do you feel like a plane stuck on the runway not yet taking off?  This fifteen minute reading briefly goes into the three lessons you need to learn right now.

If you’d rather know the three most important gifts you bring to this life time, then specify three gifts.  You will get a highlight of the three most important gifts at this time and how they can serve you.

Please specify which reading you wish in comments. If you’d like to learn about both please select the Three Lessons and Gifts reading further down the page.



Three Lessons and Gifts  60.00 USD – 30 minutes

Spiritual seekers often wonder what did we come here to learn?  What gifts do I have?  Let me help you by channeling the Angels to tell you your top three lessons and gifts for this lifetime.


Three Gifts (Detailed) 60.00 USD  – 30 minutes

We all come to this life with a purpose and mission, with this reading discover the top three gifts that help you fulfill them at this time.  What are your gifts?  How can you enhance them?  How will they help you?  Let’s discover the gifts that only you can bring together!



Three Lessons (Detailed) 60.00 USD – 30 Minutes

We all came with specific lessons to learn in our lifetime. We can navigate this lifetime with ease, or make it difficult for ourselves.  If we know the lessons, we can understand better how to navigate them.  With this reading, you can learn the top three lessons you are working on at this time.



The State of the YOU-nion (e-mail strongly recommended) $80.00 USD

This is a reading that matches an energetic reading of your chakras with a corresponding Archangel who will help you with that chakra.  I also give you a set of mantras to say for the individual work your chakras need.  I combine my experience as an energy healer in the Usui and Angelic Reiki traditions with my abilities to channel the Angels for you to create this reading. Part reading, part healing, all in service of you!