Discover Your Wings and Fly!

About Me

Who is that WackyRedhead?

I’m a Virgo redhead (go figure, right?).  I love roses and rose scented things.  I found out in01 a book that roses bring your Angels.  Sweet.  I like red wine, long walks on the beach, and..oh..wait, wrong web site.  *grin*  I come armed with a sense of humor and a sense of purpose.

I am here to help you connect with your Angels.  I enjoy readings, teaching, and helping others grow.  After all, my site tag line is “Discover your wings and fly!”

I truly believe I am here to help others heal and thrive.  Some do that primarily in energy healing.  As a former real life teacher, I know I can best do that with words.  Whether a reading or class, or even sessions with me to discover your soul purpose, I want to help others thrive. 

My Story:

From the time I was a little girl, I was “like this”, meaning intuitive.  I do not believe it is something only the special few have, but only the special few are brave (crazy?) enough to admit to it and live it out.  Being intuitive is not a thing you just pull out of the hat like a rabbit.  It lives with you, and can really bring you closer to your faith.

Not only did I once live in the South at a time where this was not always a welcome gift, I’m a geek in my day job. Movie announcer dude voice: In a world of logic and computers, came a WackyRedhead with intuition. ˆ

I’ve learned to balance logic and intuition.  Contrary to popular media, they aren’t mortal enemies.  In fact, by tapping in to my intuition, I’ve solved computer problems easier.  When I listen, I’ve solved life problems easier (ahem).

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