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Oracle Card Class

So, what is an Oracle Card Class? Well, that is up to you!

  • Invite five of your friends, and spend two hours learning how to read oracle cards. Bring your own cards.
  • If you have never worked with cards before, allow me to help you select the right deck intuitively that you can order/purchase before class.
  • Are you a solo learner? I can create a custom learning plan tailored to your needs.

Oracle Cards are a great way to connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Source/Spirit. They can help you develop your own clairvoyant language. For example, whenever you see a certain baseball cap for example, you know it means that baseball loving relative is saying hi. Perhaps when you see roses, the message depends on the color of the rose. I can teach you to go past the book meaning to see your own messages and meanings in the cards.