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Love Is An Action Verb

Lately it seems we hear the phrase ‘love wins’ as a reaction to events quite a bit. It can give one pause. Is the consciousness really shifting or is that concept a pile of shift? 😉 The answer is a bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no. If our reaction to tragic events is ONLY a platitude of ‘love wins’, ‘I choose love’, or ‘be love’, then that doesn’t do much. Yes, affirmations are needed. However, as our picture today says, love is an action verb.

On an individual level we may quietly process, and make the affirmation to be more loving to others. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of a heart with angel wings. Above that in script are the words ‘Be Love’. Now, that doesn’t mean all WackyWonders need to rush out and get tatted up to transform. Ha. But for me it was a conscious declaration that I wanted to be love to myself, my dear ones, the world, etc.

When there are group meditations or moments of silence to send love and light to an area, that is powerful. It does shift the vibration. But, how often do we in this time, come together and send dedicated energy to a location or situation? There are times we also need to follow that up with action.

We have the energetic ability to transform the planet. The question is, how can we be most effective? Well, obviously, prayers, intents and the like are a great beginning. Knowing we can’t change it all is not a reason to do nothing. What issues touch you most personally? Is it animal welfare? Child welfare? The environment? Criminal justice reform? What calls to you the most is where you focus your energy.

Find out how you can help locally. Donate time, talent, or treasure to a local agency that deals with your chosen issue. If you can, donate all three! Share news about the good that that agency/charity/group is doing. Make the conscious effort to do more and you will.

You can get involved politically in that issue. Find out about pending legislation. Write/call your representatives and let them know how you feel. Organize information campaigns, petitions, etc. Get educated on the candidates and what their espoused positions on the issues are. Because, we can and should vote every election.

No matter how busy our lives seem, we can do something. I have friends that adore animals, so they regularly share posts of animals that need rescue/adoption. Some also home animals that would have no other home. I donate goods to the local resale shop for the women’s shelter in our area. I also donate to them through the charity drive at work. A local young woman, aged TEN, has organized a backpack drive for back to school. She was able to buy and fill 1,000 backpacks. So, if she’s ten, then what is our excuse? That includes me too.

The point being, love IS an action verb. It is not simply sitting thinking happy thoughts. However, our thoughts combined with doing can move mountains. What mountain can YOU move? Let your love be a state of being and action verb.