Discover Your Wings and Fly!

You Are Made of the Stuff of Stars

So, yesterday, in my channeled Angelic message (which, if you’re not signed up, you really ought to), the Angels said we were the stuff of stars. That we are each meant to shine in our own way, that is how we are most beautiful.

What do you love doing? Perhaps it’s painting, or making herb blends. Do you love helping others? Some of this will be hobbies, but the thing that just makes you feel alive…that is called your purpose. To achieve your purpose, you may need to take classes, or maybe you need to keep that day job for awhile. It’s OK!

You can keep your day job. No, maybe it’s not the thing that lights you up, but if it keeps your lights on, be grateful. 😉 Then hustle. Learn as much as you can about your passion. Act on your passion. Learn how to be a boss. Grow that business like a seed.

Show the Universe you are taking steps in that direction. Show the Universe you are listening to its signs. Show that you are serious. Doors open.

I am not revealing all just yet, but I made a necessary phone call before heading down to spend time with my cousins. It was tempting to wait until today. The call is already showing forward progress. As soon as that call was done I got a message from a gal who would like a reading. Boom. And I got an idea for something that I think people would like.