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Be Still

Stillness. Being. Things that are so valuable. We don’t often take the time to be still. Maybe we feel like we do not have the time. What can being still do for us? What things have I been doing?

This summer has been so good and so all over the place. I’ve been on a lovely trip down South, getting things in line to offer online courses, working, shenanigans and everything in between. I’ve also been doing a lot of self-healing and learning a few new healing tricks. Helloooo sound for healing.

Doing the healing and all the other things I realized I need down time. Pretty obvious, but how often do we take that time to be still? Do we meditate each day? Do we take time each day to just breathe when it’s crazy? If you’re like me, it’s a hit or miss thing.

But I’m starting to learn the benefits of being. I’ve learned that meditating regularly, taking a breath break, or just being has rejuvenated me. It’s helped me have the energy I need. In the stillness, I get a mental reboot. I find the more I take that quiet time, I am hearing my inner GPS, aka intuition even better. I’m more aware of my signs.

I realized that sometimes, we just need that stillness. So, WackyWonders, how can you be still?