Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Energy, Energy Everywhere

So, this weekend I got to be a part of some amazing energy work. I was surrounded by angels, and did readings for swell folks. It’s almost more than my human self can take. But yet I know God aimed to bless me richly this weekend. I am really enjoying being a light worker lately. It’s like I’ve learned to go with the light worker flow on that end of things.
This coming weekend I’ll officially be a Reiki II provider! I know I have healing energy and have helped others, but it’s nice to have an actual classification as well.
Back to going with the flow, we do best when we remember to go with the flow and not fight the power. Yet, in my work life I just seem to be treading sometimes and not sure I’m in the right river. I now have to remind myself that there’s a reason I’m in that river, and to enjoy the journey. I know something lovely’s just around the bend. I can only hope it comes soon? 😉
I’m also excited because the fabulous Sarah McLachlan has a new album out tomorrow. Yes, I’m old enough to call them albums. I have already pre-ordered it on iTunes and look forward to listening to it on my way into work, as I go with the traffic flow.
So, gentle readers, how can you learn to go with the flow? What rivers do you need to navigate with more ease?