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How to Know Angels Are Near

So, we often hear about ‘pennies from heaven’, the thought that a crossed-over loved one is sending us a message. But how do we know that Angels are near? From frequently occurring and repeating numbers to feathers, the Angels are letting us know they are with us.

When people first start learning about their intuition, they often get help from Angels and Spirit Guides. Yet, they will have many doubts about their burgeoning intuition. They will tell me experiences they are having, and it’s clear the Angels are near. So what are the ways?

One of the simplest ways that your Angels will let you know they are near is feathers. You may notice a certain time or number sequence. Out of nowhere you will smell flowers like roses or lilies. Perhaps you will hear a certain song lyric at just the right time.

These are all ways that our Angels let us know they are near. Some of you may find that in your third eye (mind’s eye) you see a very prominent color, and may or may not also notice a feeling of calm. That would be your Angels.

As you develop your connectedness, and as you open to your intuition, keep an eye and ear and nose out … your Angels may be near! In future blog posts we’ll go into more detail on these different ways they have to reach out. So, keep an eye on this space!