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Cross post from my Facebook page, Holly the WackyRedhead:  

Danielle LaPorte, author of “The Desire Map” has a hash tag about ‘the summer of immense gratitude’. Me likey. This summer I’ve grown, loved, released, allowed. I have had shenanigans with some of my dearest ones. I’ve mentored and learned from those who call me mentor. I’ve sang. I’ve celebrated my new home. 
Gratitude? You bet! But I’ve also cried, whined, bitched, and moaned, and I’m still grateful. I relearned to allow how I feel. That even if I get upset I am still worthy. Having a moment of emotion does not make me one whit less abundant, grace filled, or able to receive. As Matt Kahn said in one of his writings (and I am paraphrasing) we need to love every facet of ourselves. That very feeling we have is a moment of teaching. That we are learning to love ever more deeply. That includes ourselves, especially ourselves, especially when we are feeling. When we love, we then radiate that love out to the rest of the world. Good stuff indeed. 
Gratitude. Oh yes. So much gratitude.