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Roll With It

So sometimes you just have to roll with the energy and day you are in. I got ‘chores’ done and I sent off my mentorship notes (plug-a-roonie time: Yes, I mentor others, message me for more details).

I had a major healing yesterday. The Reiki session turned into Karuna Reiki. Karuna Reiki heals at more of a soul/past life/cellular level. I am drinking loads of water and being. I meditated with my amethyst that is a scepter quartz. Boy did I go to ‘that place’ for meditation quick. But I still feel just a little off. So I’m allowing.

Yes, today I’m having a wee bit of a “I don’t like me” stroppy-pouty day. I’m acknowledging it, and allowing it to bubble up because it’s time to do so. Then that energy can be transformed into something positive and girl power and love filled. I’m kicking back watching football and painting Momma and I’s nails. As ‘little’ as that sounds, it really does help. Just be.

How do you need to honor your feelings today? What big scary monsters do you just need to say “yes, THIS is my big scary monster of the day, and I release it for healing”?