Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Say yes to you!

Some days you have to trust your gut. I knew I needed to stop by my local favorite store Ways to Wellness. I wanted to see if Mike had created my essential oil rollerball yet. He had not, but did so while I waited. I then got three new crystals that I meditated with tonight. Like many others, I have been doing the 21 day meditation offered by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I don’t know why working with crystals soothes me so, but that and the mantras helped me “get there”. I have really been enjoying this series of meditations.

I then began to read Brendon Burchard’s “Motivation Manifesto”. Wow what a powerful book! I am just in the introduction but coupled with his videos, I have feeling this course and the planning I’m about to start on Monday will really help me take me and my Wackyness where I want to go! Sometimes we need to trust our gut and to sit still. We need to read and get inspired to say no to doubt, fear, and inertia. To say yes to the wonder of who we are and the destiny we are more than capable of bringing into reality. How will you say yes?

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