Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Catching up

So this past summer I have done a lot of interior redecorating of myself. I’ve been dealing, healing, letting go. I’ve come to embrace who I am at this very moment. Powerful stuff to allow yourself to love you as you are. Doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to places for improvement, but not judging. Simply allow, then learn the lesson. It’s been a repetitive them for me, learn the lesson from it, do not take it to heart.

I’ve been ramping up the podcasts. Tomorrow I am teaching my Oracle Card Class. Please find me on Facebook if you haven’t already: Holly, the WackyRedhead. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, the new one is found in your favorite podcasting app by seeking Holly, the WackyRedhead.

I’ve taken the downtime and mercury retrograde time I needed, and am more committed than ever to helping you discover your intuitive wings and fly. Not just through my podcasts, but messages, mentoring, and helping you find a community of like minded souls so you can discover your connectedness.