Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Monday Message

As I put on my non-business (Facebook)?page: Meditation via mala beads and mantras oh how I’ve missed you!!

Yep. This is my Monday message muggles and magicians: meditate. Shut yo brain up. Pray if that’s how you roll. Make music. That works too. Run. But shut it up so you can listen. So you can hear what you are supposed to. So you can calm down. So you can just be.

Fifteen minutes a day. People. That’s all. Lower stress, lower blood pressure, and messages from Spirit/God/Flying Spaghetti Monster. What more could you ask?

You can pray rosary beads, use chanting music, mala beads, watch an candle or just breathe and focus on that. However you do it please do it.

For some of you, it may seem woo woo at first but once you dig in I promise you will dig it. When I regularly, i.e. each day do it I feel calmer. It gives me downtime. Some choose to start their day meditating. Weekdays I am an after school special kinda gal. I come home and meditate. Weekends it’s my post breakfast start to my day. I know some who meditate to end their day. It’s all what works best for you.

So how about you try it for 21 days and see what happens??

Be love y’all! <3