Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Reading a reader

Even readers get readings! Last evening I read the reading my friend Allie did. Wow. I was so inspired I wrote almost 400 words in a shot about angelic communication!! I am very excited to keep channeling this and to bring it into being for y’all.

It was pretty awesome and wild at the same time. I got information on Angels, Clairvoyance, energy, and colors. I’m not giving the farm away but I am seeing how it will all tie together. It is an honor to be a channel for this! I look forward to going bold n big with this. We are talking classes, a book, seminars! Can you smell what the Wacky is cooking? I hope so because over here it is delish.

While I am not doing the show it is freeing me up to put together classes and content for y’all. To make wisdom sharing a regular thing. I am also taking time to read for my biz and for me being a more present planeteer. Way hay on all that. So keep checking in and I will keep you posted.