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Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 1 – Choose Your Mood

We all hear the sayings about how our mood determines our day, victory, etc.  But, when you’re going through a lot, it can be hard to hear.  You may want to say oh hush up!  It’s understandable.  Even when you have a lot going on around you, you can still choose your mood.  We are in charge of how we react to surroundings, events, people, emotions.  It’s not always easy, but try taking a step back when something has you reacting strongly in a sad/mad/defeated way.  Give yourself a mental pause.  Try thinking of it as not about you.  See the scene as an observer.  What should the main character (you) do next?  I know it sounds hard to do.  And if you are going through a serious event in your life, you should acknowledge and have emotions.  Write, pray, talk to a friend, but don’t bottle it up/push it down.

It’s the difference between venting, acknowledging that a day was tough, or something difficult is going on and lingering in it.  Always seeing things framed as “how folks are screwing me over” or “why my life always sucks”.  umm, pessimism much?  I struggled with acknowledging.  Work has been busy/frantic/etc. and I wasn’t properly acknowledging it until I had a superlatively whiney, over the top Facebook post about it.  My cousin Jean promptly, and wisely reminded me tough days are a part of life.  One isn’t necessarily always going to be happy.

That’s when it clicked.  I’ve been doing this thing, #100happydays where you photograph and share ONE thing each day that made you happy.  It’s to get you to focus on the positive.  See, there may be challenging things in our lives, but it’s in how we bounce back.  It’s how we decide, no I’m going to choose happy.  I’m going to choose that this event will turn out positively.  Mind you, I didn’t say perfectly.

Some of my woo-woo friends are very much of the always be happy, always post positively camp.  I understand where they are coming from, absolutely.  To get us out of the there’s the gray cloud mindset to seeing the rainbow.


And I agree with them mostly, that we need to redraw our focus to the positive.  But, to never post something negative, because then you are directing energy there, to me is not yet feasible for most of us.  So, if like me, you’re not yet in your dream job, living your dream live, where nary an issue happens….try this.  Instead of NEVER posting negative things, or NEVER saying when you’re having a bad day, think about HOW you say it and HOW to get past it.  What tools can you use to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and lift the stress off?  Is it stepping back as I mentioned above and observing it rather than acting through it?  Is it prayer or meditation?  The more we learn to observe and choose our mood, the less ‘bad’ days we have.  I know, I’ve been walking that journey.

Be love, y’all!