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Sing your song

There are e-mails, posts, and such like about an alleged African tradition where a woman who wants to have a baby goes to the jungle/a sacred tree/??? and sits, meditates until she hears the baby’s song. So she learns it. When she and her husband are trying to conceive, she teaches him the baby’s song. At the time of birth the midwife and village women also sing that song to welcome baby into the world. At various points in this life, the song is sung back to the child/adult. What a lovely thought, one that is so beautiful to me. I say alleged because I have not yet found it to be definitive tradition vs apocrypha. Nonetheless, I think we all need that. Somedays we need to hear “our song” again.

But it doesn’t have to be another person, you are the singer of your soul’s song. When you’re unsure, listen to that quiet voice that sings your song back to you. Trust it.