Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Live your dream

This weekend had highs and lows and in-between. I was so happy for yesterday. I did a home party and got right back into spirit. Saturday when I visited Papa he was having a down day and was quite blue. Thankfully once my Aunt saw him he was back to a happier space. Papa misses Gramma quite a bit. And with dementia down times happen. But there are days and then there are days.

So I did what I knew. I called in the Angels and gave him Reiki. I then had to take time for myself. Seeing him hurting so is not easy for any in our family. I had to acknowledge my feelings.

Then giving Angel messages brought it all back around. I was living my dream and getting to meet some incredible people. That’s when I realized how fortunate I am to have this life. Sure sometimes I miss out on events but I know there will be other opportunities (until there’s a way to push places closer together). 😉

Be love y’all