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Pay Attention to Your Signs

So what exactly do I mean when I speak of signs? It means listening, and being open. About a week ago, my cousin in the UK posted that since Christmas she has had dreams of me being in France, specifically Paris. She knows this is something I’ve wanted to do. So, I took it as a sign. This weekend, I crafted a sign for my desk. I used a pretty collage from Michael’s Reflections line, put it on scrapbooking paper that has the Eiffel Tower in the top corner. I put that on burlap and made a very specific vision board that I will see each day at work. Clearly, she got the message, and I am listening.


Well, because I was like, wow, this year? I wanted more signs. Even intuitives can need reassurance. I got an e-mail this morning from Amazon that the Rosetta Stone series was 40% off for Valentine’s. I am a French major, and want to become fluent again. Huge message. But then, because it is a financial outlay, I asked my angels to send me a sign referencing Paris by this same morning. My cousin (same one) then texts me and says she’s at an office, and they have waiting room magazines, one of which says “Hot for Paris, 2014”. HI. I told my angels, if I was to buy the Rosetta Stone course, I needed to hear Paris this morning. Lo and behold I did!

I then got it for cheaper, and five monthly installments at the Rosetta Stone site. Not only that, but by doing the online, I got three years, instead of the dvds. Now, if I’m really lucky, once I get versed in French, I can get fluent in Spanish again. But, I got one last sign as I was ordering. My same cousin texts me that she can’t get over it (I had told her of my request to the Angels), she bought a handmade card from some students that was Valentine’s themed. A teddy bear (bear is my totem animal) holding a crate. She looked closer, and the crate had French and a wine bottle on it. Now, I’m not saying your signs will be as over the top and in your face, but pay attention. When you need an answer, the signs are there. Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Be love y’all!