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The Long and Winding Month

This month has been a wild one so far. I would have thought that I would be updating on a regular basis. But lots going on at work and on the home front. I can tell you when all that happens, just plug through. I find that meditating, even if not as long as usual helps.

No matter how crazy it’s been, I keep trying to focus on the positive. But I’ll admit this past week has taken it’s toll. From a health issue with a grandparent, to rude people, to people going out of their way to be mean, it’s been rough. But, I keep focusing on the people that have my back. The way my family comes together in tough times, and how much I love my family.

For those of you listening to my show, I even had a show off because of bronchitis. Yet, as I said, I keep going to things that make me smile. Today, I heard the cover of “In Your Eyes” by Jeffrey Gaines and it just gave me this sense of relief, like a hug. Then right after was Ben Taylors “Not Alone”, and again that same sense of relief, hug, etc. It’s not always easy. It’s sometimes damn hard staying head over the waters, but you CAN do it. Don’t let lifestuff wash you away.

Take that time to be. Find a movie that will let you laugh or cry, depending on what you need. This past Monday, I needed to cry, and I did. It was such a release. Tuesday was about stress relief. Be aware of your needs, and serve them. Love yourself so that you can better love the others in your life. Be love. Just be.