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Michael, Michael Michael

This is the post to accompany the show tonight on

There are many books out there on Archangel Michael, from Doreen Virtue to Richard Webster to Rudolf Steiner. Please pick the ones that resonate with you. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t read it. I will try to compile a list and will edit this post once I do.

Websites to learn more:
Wiki How on how to work with Archangel Michael:
Cleansing and Shielding with Michael by Doreen Virtue:
about dot com:
So, I am having problems finding more pages that don’t sound like a starseed on a four day pot and acid bender. I can’t in good conscious recommend pages I’m not certain on.

Use your judgement…I do not post Doreen out of a “hey, I took her certification class”. Truly. It’s more that I KNOW she’s a safe guided meditation.

As I find more stuff, I’ll post it.

Note: I am not compensated for any recommendations. I merely am suggesting more knowledge for those who seek it.