Discover Your Wings and Fly!

Symbols or Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

As I listen to the first of my Advanced Angel Card Reader class, I am listening to Symbolism. I have long taught to look for the symbols, to see the messages in cards. But, not just that, look at the symbols you are given in daily life. What is Spirit trying to tell you?

Is there a set of numbers you keep seeing? Look them up, learn what the meaning of those numbers are.

Are there colors or shapes you keep noticing? Well, that color may point to a chakra (or area of the body) that is needing to be healed or payed attention to.

When we learn to truly listen to the Divine, to Spirit, we find our questions answered, and sometimes before we even know to ask. It is when we still our minds, and allow ourselves to receive that we get our messages the best. It is all too easy to get busy and not take that time for ourselves. Take that time. Dig in. Just be.

Today I pulled a card for myself that said Balance. It was a lot about taking time for myself. I’ve realized I HAVE been out of Balance. I got another card as well, that indicated taking care of myself instead of worrying after others. I found it so true. I’ve been looking after others, and worrying about family, and haven’t given ME that time to just be. I think in this weekend, a little cleaning, and a lot of Holly time is in order. I want to do fun things, things I’ll enjoy. Yes, it’s time for me to make more push pins! lol.

Made my own push pins last weekend, and LOVED IT!!!

So what can you do that you love this weekend??

Be love, y’all!