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Words Matter

So, a few weeks ago, I posted my views in a post on Facebook, I was rather RARRR about it, and at work this week, I was in a meeting where the discussion, myself included, got heated. Then the glam fab friend of mine posted this story that was on Yahoo: At a University, these women had written on the bathroom stalls their pains, a confessional of sorts. There was a note taped up, and someone addressed some of the individual stories shared. The person acknowledged that they were not able to respond to all, but for the people acknowledged, the kind words shared were beautiful. This person finished with that even if someone’s individual story wasn’t addressed, they were loved. My friend posted that “There are Angels everywhere”, and obviously I agree.

But more than that, it reminded me of my lessons from the two times I let my words get away from me in a way I’d rather not: words have weight, meaning. We throw our words around on this rather anonymous seeming internet, and we forget their impact. We throw out our words in a meeting. We forget that words can hurt as much as a slap. I am guilty. But I was reminded that I can shift that. I can work to find other ways to express my opinion that value the other I am posting to. I can find ways to acknowledge the stress I am hearing in a meeting without taking away from my beliefs or my feelings. My Ego tells me I have to say…or “defend” or… I only have to recognize that for each of us there are truths that we hold very dear. Some will say there is but one universal truth.

I say there is but one love. And if we act in love first, we needn’t fret about how we REact. If love is how we operate each time, each word, each choice, then our ego really has no reason to protect us. However, that doesn’t mean if we are in a situation where we are not loved, where we are hurt by words or by fists that we should remain. No, we should love ourselves enough to find those who will love us fully. Words and actions used to control are not from love, and should not be tolerated.

May you act in love, and may you be with those who love you.