Discover Your Wings and Fly!


So, apparently the big craze females of my age range are into is this Pinterest business. You “Pin” i.e. post a bunch of pictures that all go in a themed album. It can be desserts, clothing, home decor. It then inspires others from your inspiration.

I.Don’t.Understand.It. I get the concept, indeedy. But how you go about “Pin”-ing things is beyond me. Can I go to say, Basic Grey’s website, and “Pin” a picture of their latest paper line? Will I go to SOPA jail because I “pirated” their content? This is stuff that I wonder about.

Now, I should just go with it because really, this sort of ooh look at all the pretties is right up my alley. But, if you are grabbing pictures from other people/business sites, and not fully crediting them for said imagery, what then?! ay!

At some point, I’ll probably fess up on FB that I don’t get it, and what are the laws around this. Then I can pinterest the scrapbooking room of my dreams, and vision it into reality.

See, I’ve been studying loads on manifestation and mindfulness. Those two topics have really been speaking out to me lately. When yesterday, I got all flustered trying to understand what I was supposed to be doing… “Pinta-what?”, I took a breath, signed off, and promised to look at it again some other day. No judgement, just allowing myself to go with the flow.

Yes, I highly recommend mindfulness. I also recommend allowing every moment to be teachable, to allow each moment be one where we are loving. It is so easy to react out of petty emotions, but how much more grand, when we don’t just SAY the nice/good/loving things, but to LIVE them?!

I strive to live my life with more positive emotions than negative ones. I strive to truly treat others lovingly, and see the good in each person. It’s not easy. It is a struggle, but I keep at it. Some (previous post), I know that their hurt runs awfully deep and it will take time. But that’s ok too.

I can keep on keepin on. Living in love, doesn’t mean turning a blind eye. It means not judging those who live in a more negative flow. So, how can you live more truthfully? How can you live more positively?

Be love.