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the Days of Signs and Roses

What better way to start off a Tuesday than with a pun? If you’re in the States, we’re two days away from Thanksgiving.

Lately I’ve been reading a book, Emotional Alchemy, by Tara Bennett-Goleman It’s about how the mind can heal the heart. She’s a psychotherapist who is also a Buddhist practitioner. LOVE this book! It’s about being present in the moment. It talks about how to pay attention.

So, what can paying attention to the moment do? Say you stumble on a website for a favorite musician and there’s a new song up. If it grabs you, maybe there’s more to it than just it being a new song…listen closely to the lyrics and you may just hear a message for you.

“The Roses were scared to bloom” was a message I heard in a song. Had I not been in the moment, I may not have paid attention. I realized I am a rose that is scared to bloom. I’m working on that. This rose tends to doubt herself, so she’s not in the moment when that cute guy she has her eye on is showing interest. She might misread his signals through the lens of self-doubt. There’s any number of ways she could tank it. BUT! If our heroine allows herself to bloom, to fully embrace what a swell gal she is, her confidence will allow her to be in the moment. By being in the moment, she’ll realize that maybe he’s pretty smitten too.

And for that I give thanks, and for Tara’s book. And for you reading this. The thought I may touch someone with my musings and words often written stream of conscious style in the early morning means more than you know.

Give Thanks. Be Love.