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Taking Care of You

So, we all lead busy lives.  We bustle and hustle, but how often do we really take care of us?  How often do we take time to really let our guides in for messages?  Do we sit in prayer/meditation so that we can receive messages from our Angels?  Often, we don’t.  We know we should but…

Well, the thing is, to be the amazing lovely great person that you, yes, YOU are, you need to do that.  Taking care of ourselves is not in contrast to living a more loving life.  It’s okay to realize that you need more downtime, to realize that people are no longer fitting in your life.  Or, maybe there’s new folks you want more time with, and that’s okay too.

When we really take care of ourselves, and trust, we find that the right people come into our lives as we need them.  Sometimes, they come in and out.  Some, well, they need to leave, but we’re just not sure how to give that push.  That’s where trusting in yourself comes in.  The more you trust, the more you allow the Universe/God to nudge you to where you belong.

We also need time to take care of ourselves, to pamper ourselves.  We don’t often do that, because it seems self involved, or maybe the word pamper does not sound like a “guy thing”.  Well, it is.  This does not mean you have to go run off to the nearest day spa if it’s not your thing, but take some time for yourself to do that which you love.  Spend time taking care of you.

And don’t forget to spend that time in meditation/prayer.  The more time we take doing that, the more we find that we get the answers we seek.  But, to get the answers more clearly, we often have to allow ourselves that stillness, that quiet, that “om” in our mental home.  However, it’s not an uphill mountain.  To begin, just five short minutes a day can do it.  Then when you are used to five minutes, take ten.  It’s amazing what that little timeout peace can do.

Be love y’all!