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Holly’s Metaphysical Tips #4 – Present, Please

Yep, this is my televangelist style plea for you to send me stuff … NOT! Ha. What do you think when you think present, as in now? Do you speak your heart’s desire in the present? Do you live in the present? Or do you […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 2 – Energy Attracts Energy

So, we talked about choosing your mood. How you have power over your mood if you don’t always have power over the situation (soul lesson) you are in (Except we kinda chose those..I digress. *grin*). Today we are going to discuss energy attracts energy. The […]

Pay Attention to Your Signs

So what exactly do I mean when I speak of signs? It means listening, and being open. About a week ago, my cousin in the UK posted that since Christmas she has had dreams of me being in France, specifically Paris. She knows this is […]

Class Announcement

Thursday, February 13th come learn about Perfect Partnership with me at Ways to Wellness. The class is at 6:30 PM. I am excited to be teaching on this. I figure as I am on my search for love, I can help others with what I […]

Words Matter

So, a few weeks ago, I posted my views in a post on Facebook, I was rather RARRR about it, and at work this week, I was in a meeting where the discussion, myself included, got heated. Then the glam fab friend of mine posted […]


Today is ALL about instant manifestation. What you think about is what God/The Universe/The Angels are going to give you. Especially leading up to December 21st. Keep your thoughts positive!! If a doubt or worry happens, think “cancel, clear, delete”. Allow only happy thoughts today […]


So, apparently the big craze females of my age range are into is this Pinterest business. You “Pin” i.e. post a bunch of pictures that all go in a themed album. It can be desserts, clothing, home decor. It then inspires others from your inspiration. […]

New Moon on Monday

It’s a new moon and it’s on Monday. It takes me back to eighth grade and my heartfelt loooove for Duran Duran. New moons are a great time for setting intentions. What do you want to accomplish? What do you most want to do? Think […]