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Tonight on my blog talk radio show “Angels, Guides, and Holly” I will be talking about trust. Why it is an important part of our intuition. So today, let’s reflect: what barriers do you have to fully trusting? Are there people or events that you […]

Pay Attention

I was getting to start a 21-Day Meditation I downloaded from the Chopra Meditation Center. It is one by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I had it lined up ready to hit play. Out of nowhere joyfully blasts George Harrison “What Is Life” from his masterpiece […]

Ring in the New

So this year the new year is also a new moon! Talk about great energy to kick start your dreams. Don’t just make it a dream. What do you most want to accomplish this year? Put pen to paper and really focus on what you […]

Make It Happen

So this is the month that many folks have been posting their gratitude. Each day recognizing something they are grateful for. Why just a month? I’ve said it before, and I believe not that long ago, at least on my Page on Facebook, do it […]

Let Go, Let God

It’s one of those phrases that we hear a lot. But do we put it into practice? Do we really let go of our hurts and give them up to our Higher Power? Too often we hold our hurts close like a companion. We need […]

The Mirror

See good. Act in love. Speak your truth. We are all one. When we are upset with another, it is because they held a mirror up to our soul and we didn’t like the reflection. They are illuminating an aspect we need to accept or […]

It’s All…

Doing the show on Blog talk is amazing. However, I took two weeks off because my Gramma is quite ill. She is now in hospice at her skilled care facility. It has been a mix of feelings and emotions. At the same time, I have […]

What a Wonderful World

So life is rolling on. I have been busy this week. I did readings Tuesday, my radio show Wednesday, then a class tonight, home party on Friday, and after all that teaching at Green Tree elements class. Can I get a whut whut shout out […]

Find your happy

Find your happy. It is not always easy. You can have a rough week, things going off plan. Look for the thing that made it easier. It may have only been a moment or an afternoon but put your focus there rather than disappointment. Express […]

Step Outside Your Mind

Step outside of you and your preconceived limitations to allow what you really wish for to happen. Saying “I can’t” or “I don’t have” ensures exactly that. Every morning I affirm what I want for my life by saying thank you for… Yep. Like I […]