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What Is Your Happy?

I posted on my Facebook page, Holly, the WackyRedhead that one should try to find something happy each day. No matter how the day goes, there must be something…So, what is your happy?

Sing your song

There are e-mails, posts, and such like about an alleged African tradition where a woman who wants to have a baby goes to the jungle/a sacred tree/??? and sits, meditates until she hears the baby’s song. So she learns it. When she and her husband […]

It’s We All Shine On Not I Shine

As we grow in our gifts and as we journey on our path of light, remember that “we all shine on, like the moon, the stars, and the sun” – John Lennon. It is not about the individual but as a community, a people, a […]

Don’t just talk your talk…

Don’t just talk your talk, walk it. Show me you are kind by being kind. Show me you are loving by being love. Words are not actions.

Take Time

What do you need to take time for? To listen? For yourself? To reconnect with your body? Whatever it is you need to reconnect with today, do it! Consider this your clarion call to go within and listen. Then go reconnect. Paint, write, sing, run, […]

Listen to Spirit

Sometimes trusting the answers Spirit gives is the hardest part. Go within. Listen. Ask for signs to confirm if necessary. But most of all TRUST. Know if you meditate/pray each day and connect to Spirit/Source/God/Goddess you will get the answer you seek. You will not […]

Live your dream

This weekend had highs and lows and in-between. I was so happy for yesterday. I did a home party and got right back into spirit. Saturday when I visited Papa he was having a down day and was quite blue. Thankfully once my Aunt saw […]

A thought on Valentine’s

Love your life. Live love. Today isn’t just about being in a relationship with another. It’s about honoring YOU. No one else can be you. So develop your relationship with you. When you love you others will too. Xoxo

Pay Attention to Your Signs

So what exactly do I mean when I speak of signs? It means listening, and being open. About a week ago, my cousin in the UK posted that since Christmas she has had dreams of me being in France, specifically Paris. She knows this is […]

Second New Year

Yes, it is the second New Year. Wait what?! On January 31st the Chinese celebrate the New Year. It is the year of the wood horse. Just like the Western New Year, we have a new moon with it. That means we have even more […]