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Business Vision Board and an Update

So I am so geeked out!  The other night, on the New Moon no less, I got inspired.  I thought of a really cool business vision board I could do.  If you are not already signed up to view my Weekly Newsletters, do sign up […]

Love Is An Action Verb

Lately it seems we hear the phrase ‘love wins’ as a reaction to events quite a bit. It can give one pause. Is the consciousness really shifting or is that concept a pile of shift? 😉 The answer is a bit more nuanced than a […]

You Are Made of the Stuff of Stars

So, yesterday, in my channeled Angelic message (which, if you’re not signed up, you really ought to), the Angels said we were the stuff of stars. That we are each meant to shine in our own way, that is how we are most beautiful. What […]


Cross post from my Facebook page, Holly the WackyRedhead:   Danielle LaPorte, author of “The Desire Map” has a hash tag about ‘the summer of immense gratitude’. Me likey. This summer I’ve grown, loved, released, allowed. I have had shenanigans with some of my dearest […]

This Thing IS Still On

So, I’ve been bad about cross posting here. I have been more active on my Facebook page, Holly, the WackyRedhead. There are lots of cool life things happening in my world, so I’ve not been active here or as much as I’d like on FB. […]

Roll With It

So sometimes you just have to roll with the energy and day you are in. I got ‘chores’ done and I sent off my mentorship notes (plug-a-roonie time: Yes, I mentor others, message me for more details). I had a major healing yesterday. The Reiki […]

Say yes to you!

Some days you have to trust your gut. I knew I needed to stop by my local favorite store Ways to Wellness. I wanted to see if Mike had created my essential oil rollerball yet. He had not, but did so while I waited. I […]

Monday Musings

Honor the Source/Spirit in yourself and it will be far easier to honor the Source/Spirit in others. There is a difference between judging/labeling folks and realizing they no longer ought to be in your energy tree fort. One is limiting the other frees us. In […]


Remember that you shine. If you see your shine then blast that shine out as far as you can. Sometimes others won’t see it. But your shine isn’t about them. Illuminate and do you. This was from my Holly, the WackyRedhead page on Facebook.

When in Doubt…

Some times people are mean. Some times their choices leave you scratching your head. It can be tough. You may want to be rude right back or question their choices. And it sucks like a Hoover (Dyson?). I totally was there. I thought about what […]