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Category: Meditation

Monday Message

As I put on my non-business (Facebook)?page: Meditation via mala beads and mantras oh how I’ve missed you!! Yep. This is my Monday message muggles and magicians: meditate. Shut yo brain up. Pray if that’s how you roll. Make music. That works too. Run. But […]

Cleaning Is Good For The Soul

Wow sorry WackyWonders! Didn’t mean to go a whole week without saying anything. Taught my faerie class at ways to Wellness last night and it went swimmingly. I have really been taking time to declutter my apartment and to declutter me. So what do I […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 5 – Back in the Saddle

We all do it. We swear we are going to meditate everyday, exercise, fill in the blank. Then we don’t. Or we half assed do but something else distracts us from our intents and self-promises. So we berate ourselves and … Sounding familiar? When we […]

Holly’s Metaphysical Tips # 3 – Put Your Mind Where Your Heart Is

Say huh? Is this about love? No, not necessarily. My tip for you today is to find out ‘where your heart is’. I’m not talking about anatomy, nor am I referring to chakras. I’m asking and suggesting that you take some good, crunchy brain time […]

A little more love

So this weekend was my downtime weekend. I sang as I cooked Friday night. I slept in. Meditated. Got new pretties. All in all it was amazing. Sometimes we need to take a mental step back to go forward. Oh and I think Olivia Newton-John’s […]