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You Are Made of the Stuff of Stars

So, yesterday, in my channeled Angelic message (which, if you’re not signed up, you really ought to), the Angels said we were the stuff of stars. That we are each meant to shine in our own way, that is how we are most beautiful. What […]

Ready For Change

So yesterday, on my Facebook page, I had this picture with text.  All about being ready for change.  I spoke of how being back in Virginia, where I went to high school and college, made me feel the need.  I said I didn’t know how […]

How to Know Angels Are Near

So, we often hear about ‘pennies from heaven’, the thought that a crossed-over loved one is sending us a message. But how do we know that Angels are near? From frequently occurring and repeating numbers to feathers, the Angels are letting us know they are […]

Reading a reader

Even readers get readings! Last evening I read the reading my friend Allie did. Wow. I was so inspired I wrote almost 400 words in a shot about angelic communication!! I am very excited to keep channeling this and to bring it into being for […]

Pay Attention to Your Signs

So what exactly do I mean when I speak of signs? It means listening, and being open. About a week ago, my cousin in the UK posted that since Christmas she has had dreams of me being in France, specifically Paris. She knows this is […]


I can now proudly tell you that I have my certificate as an Advanced Angel Tarot and Oracle Card reader. It is through the Hay House course offered by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I love sharing Angel Messages and this is one way to […]

Michael, Michael Michael

This is the post to accompany the show tonight on There are many books out there on Archangel Michael, from Doreen Virtue to Richard Webster to Rudolf Steiner. Please pick the ones that resonate with you. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t read it. […]

Symbols or Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

As I listen to the first of my Advanced Angel Card Reader class, I am listening to Symbolism. I have long taught to look for the symbols, to see the messages in cards. But, not just that, look at the symbols you are given in […]

A message to you Rudy

When you want to see your Angel or Angels look with your heart, your childlike eyes, not the ones that have seen the hurt and pain of life. See through the eyes of innocence and love. There you will find us. -the message I was […]

Changes, Turn and Face the Same

Well, things *aren’t* the same around here.  For those of you who visit my site you’ll see I added a readings tab.  For those of you that grab my updates via your favorite reader, you can now visit my site and securely order a reading […]