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Show Thirteen: Soul Lessons

In this show Holly, the WackyRedhead discusses fate vs soul lessons. Holly discusses the idea of karmic ties, how to deal with past and future karma, and delves deeper into why framing as soul lessons helps to teach us and heal.

Show Twelve: Love You, Let Go

In this podcast, Holly, the WackyRedhead was going to discuss Tarot and Oracle Cards, when a message came through about loving oneself and letting go, she finishes with the intro to Tarot and Oracle Cards, and Runes.

Show Eleven: Means of Divination

Join Holly, the WackyRedhead as she discusses different means of divination, or getting answers from Spirit. From Oracle Cards and Tarot to Numerology Holly gives you information on these systems and how they can help.

Catching up

So this past summer I have done a lot of interior redecorating of myself. I’ve been dealing, healing, letting go. I’ve come to embrace who I am at this very moment. Powerful stuff to allow yourself to love you as you are. Doesn’t mean turning […]

Figuring It All Out

Sometimes you have to let it all go to figure out what you most want to hold onto. That was the snippet I put on my Holly the WackyRedhead page. This past week or so a lot has been thrown my way. I have been […]

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Jeff Currier’s Reading Recommendations

Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying – A Beginners Guide Colleen Deatsman – Seeing in the Dark Michael Harner – The Way of the Shaman Evelyn Rysdyk – Spirit Walking

Isis and Kuan Yin and the Divine Mother OH MY

Isis guides meditation Kuan Yin mantra Meditations on the Divine Mother And from Joan how to make rose water: Rose water Use the petals of the rose and wash the dirt and bugs off. Place them in a pot and cover with distilled water. Cover […]

Jo Currier

Jo Currier was our guest tonight. Her recommended books were Cyndi Dale Energetic Boundaries, Everyday Clairvoyant. Love without End by Glenda Green. The website for the store is: Ways to Wellness

Feb. 26, 2014 guest

Our guest tonight was Jenny Ravikumar. Her website can be found at Thanks!