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Catching up

So this past summer I have done a lot of interior redecorating of myself. I’ve been dealing, healing, letting go. I’ve come to embrace who I am at this very moment. Powerful stuff to allow yourself to love you as you are. Doesn’t mean turning […]

Figuring It All Out

Sometimes you have to let it all go to figure out what you most want to hold onto. That was the snippet I put on my Holly the WackyRedhead page. This past week or so a lot has been thrown my way. I have been […]

Cleaning Is Good For The Soul

Wow sorry WackyWonders! Didn’t mean to go a whole week without saying anything. Taught my faerie class at ways to Wellness last night and it went swimmingly. I have really been taking time to declutter my apartment and to declutter me. So what do I […]

Reading a reader

Even readers get readings! Last evening I read the reading my friend Allie did. Wow. I was so inspired I wrote almost 400 words in a shot about angelic communication!! I am very excited to keep channeling this and to bring it into being for […]

Content, Must Make More Content

Here at WackyRedhead, Inc. I have the elves busy.  I said, “listen!  People want content.  Not just content, MORE content, pertinent content.  Or impertinent as long as it’s funny”.  Then I realized I’m one woman, and there are no elves.  Ha. Nonetheless, beyond the Blog […]

Seeing Theresa Caputo: The Experience Live

Lovely Sunday. Did a reading in two parts. Visited with Papa, and now football. I still feel like I’m processing Theresa Caputo’s show. It was so beautiful. For those of you didn’t know, I saw Theresa Caputo the experience live. It was stupendously, amazingly awesome […]

When Life Throws Curveballs

My life has been a roller coaster. From my radio show taking its form to teaching even more to doing readings. Then my Gramma was hospitalized. She is now in hospice care. It has felt like it is any day now for so long. So […]

It’s All…

Doing the show on Blog talk is amazing. However, I took two weeks off because my Gramma is quite ill. She is now in hospice at her skilled care facility. It has been a mix of feelings and emotions. At the same time, I have […]

Updates and Peppermints

Upcoming shows: July 31 Archangels Azreal and Uriel, August 7: Archangels Chamuel and Jophiel, August 14: Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? If you prefer podcasts you can now find me in iTunes. Search for Angels, Guides, and Holly. Lastly August 17 I will be at […]

Paperback Writer

Since going from iPhone to Samsung back to iPhone I realized I didn’t have my voicemail set up. Ruh-Roh. That has since been corrected. At least it kept my three voicemails for me. We can laugh or languish when things like this happen. I choose […]