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Category: Self-Care

Be Still

Stillness. Being. Things that are so valuable. We don’t often take the time to be still. Maybe we feel like we do not have the time. What can being still do for us? What things have I been doing? This summer has been so good […]

A thought on Valentine’s

Love your life. Live love. Today isn’t just about being in a relationship with another. It’s about honoring YOU. No one else can be you. So develop your relationship with you. When you love you others will too. Xoxo

The Long and Winding Month

This month has been a wild one so far. I would have thought that I would be updating on a regular basis. But lots going on at work and on the home front. I can tell you when all that happens, just plug through. I […]

Goodbye to you

So back in the day, there was a song called “Goodbye to You”. It was a jilted love giving her kiss off to a one who did her wrong. It is on my mind as years ago I had to make the decision to say […]

the Days of Signs and Roses

What better way to start off a Tuesday than with a pun? If you’re in the States, we’re two days away from Thanksgiving. Lately I’ve been reading a book, Emotional Alchemy, by Tara Bennett-Goleman It’s about how the mind can heal the heart. She’s a […]

Taking Care of You

So, we all lead busy lives.  We bustle and hustle, but how often do we really take care of us?  How often do we take time to really let our guides in for messages?  Do we sit in prayer/meditation so that we can receive messages […]

How to Deal with Energy Everywhere

Have you noticed all the energy around lately? Well, there’s been a lot of it! Take care of yourself during these times. You should always take care of yourself, but especially when there is high energy. Drink lots of water, have some down time doing […]