About Me

I’m a Virgo redhead (go figure, right?).  I love roses and rose scented things.  I found out in a Doreen Virtue book that roses bring your Angels.  Sweet.  I like red wine, long walks on the beach, and..oh..wait, wrong web site.  *grin*  I come armed with a sense of humor and a sense of purpose.

From the time I was a little girl, I was “like this”, meaning intuitive.  I do not believe it is something only the special few have, but only the special few are brave (crazy?) enough to admit to it and live it out.  Being intuitive is not a thing you just pull out of the hat like a rabbit.  It lives with you, and can really bring you closer to your faith.

I give channeled messages from Source/Spirit and the Angels.  I also love to teach others how to get messages from Source/Spirit and the Angels. I am a Reiki Master and Level 5/6 Practitioner in Angelic Reiki.  yay!!

For messages: My current prices are $30.00 USD for a 15 minute message and $50.00 USD for a 30 minute message. I can do messages over the phone, chat, or e-mail. To arrange a message contact me: readings at wackyredhead dot com. Please replace at with @ and dot with .

Other services: I can  do Oracle Card Classes. Grab a group of friends, get a set of Oracle Cards, and I can help you learn how to interpret them.

Want to learn how to contact your Angels, I can help! Allow me to guide you. Get a group of friends together and share in a unique experience as you learn to communicate with your own guardian Angel, or even Archangels!

Please contact me: readings at wackyredhead dot com for more information and pricing. Please replace at with @ and dot with .

For information on my services as a Reiki Master (instructor) please see my site Serendipity Healing.

I now offer a weekly channeled Angel Message to subscribers. Sign up today!